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123, Huntington Ave
Boston, Massachusetts (United States)

Web: jardiniconstruct.com

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Data Entry and Information Processing Worker

Job ID: 47786
Job Views: 55643
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Zip Code:
Job Category: Admin-Clerical
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: $23,000.00 per month
Posted: 09.28.2010

Job Description

The data entry supervisor manages the data entry and control departments, performs supervisory and administrative duties as needed, and operates data entry on specialized or highly difficult jobs subordinates can’t handle.

Job Requirements

  • Manage all data entry employees. This includes planning and assigning work to each employee, and handling personnel review and disciplinary actions, including suspension and termination of employees.
  • Interview prospective data entry employees and make hiring decisions.
  • Formulate training methods and handle training of new hires. This includes teaching new employees proper data entry procedure, orienting them in company policies, and integrating them smoothly into company operations.
  • Develop new work methods and procedures to make data entry as efficient and productive as possible. Facilitate the work flow of data entry and make it as streamlined as possible.
  • Monitor performance of all equipments and performs equipment analysis and make recommendations in the upgrading or purchasing of new equipment, including handling the bidding and/or availing of the new equipment/s to be purchased.

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